18 Holes


5642 – Men WHITE

4930 – Women YELLOW

5642 – Women – WHITE

NZCR 68.8  – 69.1 / 72.4

Par 71 / 72

Distance Markers – to centre of green

Club ID 181

Outward Bound

Par 4 White-327m Yellow-307m

Lets get started. Nice and straight. Trees line the fairways
Beware the slope at the front of the green
Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

hole 1 tee
hole 1 approach


Par 3 White-130m Yellow-124m

Bunkers Guard the front of the undulating green
Out of Bounds and steep slope guard the back
Maybe you can get a birdie early?

hole 2 tee
hole 2 green


Par 4 – White-276m Yellow-258m

A sharp dog leg left on this hole.
Out of bounds to the left side in the trees and the creek runs across
the hole in front of the fairway
A great risk/reward hole if you can hit far enough to get near the green
Are you REALLY going to lay up?

hole 3 sign


hole 3 tee
hole 3 green


Par 4 White-345m Yellow-283m

Position is everything on this hole.
Out of bounds along the road left, trees to the right. A Creek comes out
to the fairway from the left off the tee for longer hitters, with another
to the right for the approach to the green.
The Green itself is relatively easy (getting there in 2 isn’t)

hole 4 sign

hole 4 tee
Hole 4 Approach
hole 4 approach

Long John

Par 5 White-463m Yellow-395m

A big open fairway, but either distance or accuracy is required on the 2nd
to find your way past “The Gum Tree” in the centre on the fairway
Don’t be fooled by the looks, it’s 90% wood

hole 5 sign

hole 5 tee
hole 5 fairway
hole 5 approach


Par 4 White-305m Yellow-295m

A Slight dog leg right. Thick trees on the right should be avoided
But don’t go too far left or you might find the drain.
The Green can be tricky so knock it close
Get it right and this is a change for Bridie


Par 4 White-346m Yellow-309m

Another hole to be accurate on.  A Gum to the left of the fairway may
shorten your drive by a few meters, but long and right is much worse
with the Creek back in play
The flat Green is protected by some tall trees on the right
Maybe a gentle draw off the tee for position?


Par 3 White-122m Yellow-105m

Short hole, go left and you have a difficult chip where you can’t see the green
Hit the dance floor and who knows maybe you make a Two

The Wreacker

Par 4 White-332m Yellow-303m

Nice and straight. Trees on the left come out to the fairway so
keep right off the tee.  A big green surrounded by hazard, out of bounds
and a deep bunker awaits your approach shot.
Please refrain from shanking balls into the clubhouse….Thank you.

hole 9 tee
hole 9 approach

The Lake

Par 3 White-137m Yellow-125m

Getting over the lake should not be difficult (yet somehow it is for some)
Three bunkers protect the right of the green
Just go straight at it..ACE!…ok now stop dreaming and hit the ball

hole 10 sign

hole 10 tee
hole 10 green


Par 4 White-312m Yellow-283m

A good tee shot here leaves a short iron over the gully
onto the green. Two bunkers at the front and a steep slope at
the back mean distance control is key
Lets go pin seeking and get another Birdie

Hole 11 sign

Hole 11 Tee off
Hole 11 Approach


Par 4 White-356m Yellow-325m

A great long straight hole lined with trees on both sides
A downhill approach to the green guarded by
a grass mound left and two bunkers on the right side
Can cause problems if you stray into the trees.. keep it straight

Hole 12 Sign

Hole 12 Tee
Hole 12 Approach


Par 4 White-265m Yellow-215m

A short  dog leg right
Out of bounds left and trees right mean accuracy position are required off the tee
While the uphill approach makes it tricky to get the distance right and look out for the OB behind the green
By the way the Green is sloped so stay under the hole

Hole 13 sign

Hole 13 tee
Hole 13 Approach


Par 4 White-390m Par 5 Yellow-360m

Longest Par 4 on the course (ladies get an extra shot)
OB left and a sloping fairway make keeping it on the short stuff a challenge
The long approach shot over the gully is made harder by
the bunker and trees guarding the front right of the green
Summer run might make it play shorter but the extra roll isn’t always kind

Hole 14 tee
Hole 14 green

Blue Gum

Par 5 White-474m Yellow-397m

Named for the large Blue Gum in the left center of the Fairway, unfortunately no longer there
A great Par 5 – Bomb it off the tee with a blind 2nd shot over the hill
Uphill approach with Bunkers left and right and some slope on the green to boot
How can you not love this hole?

Hole 15 sign

Hole 15 Tee
Hole 15 Approach
Hole 15 Green


Par 3 White-165m Yellow-150m

Downhill, but doesn’t play short.
You won’t be able to notice the wind from the tee
A long green can be 2 clubs difference from front to back
They don’t call it Deception for nothing

Hole 16 tee
Hole 16 Green


Par 4 White-344m Yellow-271m

A big wide landing area on the fairway,
but too far right can leave you with a  tough second shot
Lots of slope to this green so best to stay under the hole with the approach
Just tap it in..tap it in…tap…tap..tap

Hole 17 Tee
Hole 17 Green


Par 5 White-475m Yellow-376m

Lucky Last. The longest Par 5, but plays the shortest
Keep it straight, there’s some slope to the fairway so
the second is always interesting and three bunkers
guard the front of the green.
Unleash the hounds!! and let the big dog eat one last time

Hole 18 Tee
Hole 18 Approach
Hole 18 Green

 Beautiful day, course and surroundings in great condition – can’t complain.

Waitemata Golf Club Vistor


We have such a nice club here, best spot for it I reckon. 

Hauraki Golf Club Member